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La Gloria Cubana
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Saint Luis Rey
Sancho Panza
San Cristobal de la Habana
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Saint Luis Rey cigars. Does the name of the brand refer to the San Luis region in the Vuelta Abajo, where some of the world's finest cigar tobacco is grown, hence the name as the King of San Luis? Or is it based on a reference to the popular 1927 novel by American author Thornton Wilder, The Bridge of San Luis Rey? In either case, the brand was created in 1938 and leans toward the medium bodied, aromatic side in strength.

Size & Gauge 7 x 47
25 pc. per box
price $358

Churchill - This cigar has a rich color. The draw is a little firm. The smoke is rich and cedary, with notes of cafe au lait, leather and nutmeg spice. A full bodied cigar.

Size & Gauge 5 1/16 x 48
25 pc. per box
price $274

Regios - This silky cigar has a perfect cap, and a firm bunch. It's cedary, with heavy notes of cocoa, toffee and coffee. Full bodied.

Serie A
Size & Gauge 5 5/8 x 46
25 pc. per box
price $279

Serie  A - This well-made cigar is very firm. It has a good draw. The cigar has sweet notes of cedar and coconut, with hints of oak and wine. Rich, and medium bodied.

Size & Gauge 5 5/8 x 42
25 pc. per box
price $269

A strong coffee and cream element marks this medium- to full-bodied cigar. It has a pleasant woody finish.

Double Coronas
Size & Gauge 7 5/8 x 49
25 pc. per box
price $399

Size & Gauge 6 1/2 x 42
25 pc. per box
price $299

A full-bodied cigar with a rich texture. It has a sweet core of spiciness including nutmeg. It has some hints of cocoa bean around some roasted nut flavors. A long rich finish.

Petit Coronas

Size & Gauge 5 1/8 x 42
25 pc. per box
price $239

Petit Coronas

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