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Cohiba cigars were created in 1966 as Havana's premier brand for diplomatic use only. Since 1982 they were offered to the public in three sizes: Lanceros, Coronas, Esplendidos and Panetelas in 1989 three more sizes were added to complete La Linea Classica namely: Explendidos, Robustos and Exquisitos in 1992 the following five sizes of La Linea 1492 were made in order to commemorate the 500 th anniversary of the discovery of Cuba: Siglo I II III IV V. They are known for its high quality, as well as being Fidel Castro's personal favorite.

Siglo VI

Size & Gauge 6 x 52
25 pc. per box
price $500



Size & Gauge 7 x 47
25 pc. per box
price $479


Esplendido-A beautiful if veiny wrapper. It has a perfect draw and burn, showing rich, toasty notes of leather, earth and cedar. It's semi-sweet, with a medium body.


Size & Gauge 7 5/8 x 38
25 pc. per box
price $387
Size & Gauge 7 5/8 x 38
50 pc. per box
price $629


Lanceros-Our tasters found the Lancero too tightly rolled and difficult to draw, but it can be rich and harmonious with a coffee, nutty character.


Size & Gauge 4 15/16 x 50
25 pc. per box
price $363

Robusto- This cigar has a nice shape, color and sheen. The draw is good but the burn is uneven. The smoke is sugary sweet, with notes of cashews, coffee and toasty. Full bodied.


Siglo I
Size & Gauge 4 x 40
25 pc. per box
price $249

Siglo I - This silky, oily cigar has a flat cap and a silky wrapper. It has a fine aroma, and loads the mouth with leathery flavors. A full-bodied cigar.

Siglo II
Size & Gauge 5 x 42
25 pc. per box
price $263

Siglo II - The wrapper on this cigar has a slightly gray hue. It's tangy and woody, with some sweet notes.

Siglo III
Size & Gauge 6 x 42
25 pc. per box
price $273

Siglo III- A great addition to a great line of cigars. It is gorgeous to look at with its rich brown, smooth wrapper and gives loads of pleasure with every puff. An opulent smoke with great finesse and class.

Siglo IV
Size & Gauge 5 5/8 x 46
25 pc. per box
price $316

Siglo IV - This cigar draws and burns well. It's full bodied: salty and spicy with a nutty note and a leathery finish.

Siglo V
Size & Gauge 6 3/4 x 43
25 pc. per box
price $349

Siglo V - Oily, with some veins. The draw is firm. The smoke has a heavy coffee flavor, with a salty character. Full bodied.

Coronas Especiales
Size & Gauge 5 15/16 x 38
25 pc. per box
price $380

A firm, well-made cigar produces well-rounded flavors of spices and nuts and has a solid tobacco character with an earthy, chocolaty finish.

Size & Gauge 5 x 33
25 pc. per box
price $280

This is an attractive cigar, with a flat head and a nicely made cap. It has a fine draw. The smoke is nutty and sweet, with notes of cedar and meat.

Piramides (Edicion Limitada Reserva del Milenio) new

Size & Gauge 6 1/8 x 52
25 pc. per box
price $985

Reserva del Milenio Cohiba Piramide Ceramic Jar

Please contact us for availability!


Reserve Selection new

30 pc. per box
price $950
sale $750


Piramides (Edicion Limitada) new

Size & Gauge 6 1/8 x 52
25 pc. per box
price $480

Good shape and color to this torpedo, which draws well. The smoke has a toasty flavor, complimented by hints of almonds and vanilla. Surprisingly mild.


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