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Selecting a cigar

s a general rules, cigars with larger ring gauges tend to be fuller flavored (there is normally more ligero and less volado in the blend), smoke more smoothly and slowly, and heat up less fast than those with small ring gauges. They also tend to
be better made than the smaller ones (which are the sizes recently qualified
apprentices start on). Cigars with small ring gauges often have little or no ligero
tobacco in the filler blend. Large ring gauge cigars are almost always the preferred
choice of connoisseurs or experienced cigar smokers.
When you choose a cigar, you should first make sure that the wrapper is intact (if
not, reject it) and has a healthy sheen. You should also make sure that it isn't too dry or brittle (otherwise it will taste harsh) and that there is a noticeable bouquet (if not,
the cigar was probably been badly stored). A good cigar should be neither too firm
nor too soft. If the wrapper is heavily vained, the cigar should be rejected: quality
control went wrong somewhere.
What size of cigar you smoke is entirely up to you and your pocket


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