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How to Judge a good cigar

he three criteria for appreciating a fine cigar are similar to those applied to fine wines: flavor, body and aroma.

Flavor. Taste can discern four basic categories: sweet, bitter, salty, and acid. Biter and sweet are the easiest to detect, the other a bit more difficult, and they are subjective. Connoisseurs use terms like fruity, nutty and herbal, spicy, and floral, to refer to the combination and balance of tastes. They identify such flavor notes as pepper, wood, nut, cream, coffee, nutmeg, cinnamon, citrus, cedar, chocolate, and leather. The classifications mild, medium and full refer to the degree of flavor.

Body. The body of the smoke refers to the strength of the tobacco, its overall effect on the smoker. Its degrees are light, medium, and heavy.

Aroma. The aroma of cigar is one that pleases you.

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